My full-on, no punches held, review of the 30-day clean eating challenge

The Arbonne 30 clean eating challenge is a re-set. A kick-off. It can be the event that puts intention behind a BIG change.


It is 30-days, which is the longest commitment I’ve ever made to a cleanse or anything like that, and I think a huge part of the overall success. Because it takes 21-days to form a habit and the 30-day solidifies the habit.

Throughout the 30-days I exercised. I am not ‘hardcore’ with exercise. I want to stay active and fit but there are only so many hours in the day, right?! I love hot power yoga at Nooma and I go when I can. I think any nutritionally educated person will tell you that 80% (or more) of your wellness is, in fact, what you EAT, not how active you are. But, that other 20% does matter! Don’t get me wrong.

Good news! You won’t be hungry. There’s no major deprivation here. You do give up: all added sugar, gluten, soy, peanuts, corn, coffee (yes, COFFEE!), vinegar, white potatoes, dairy and most fruits – except lemons, limes, green apples and any berry (thank goodness). You can allow yourself a banana mixed in with a protein shake if you worked out really hard (at least one intense hour). Oh, and any meat, fish or eggs you consume should be healthier, too – like grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish and free-range eggs and poultry. Pork is out for the month. Get used to turkey bacon.

You can still eat out with parameters. That’s a huge bonus for anyone who has never done a cleanse or has social engagements during the 30-days.

There are also a lot of recipes included to make snacks. I have made several cleanse approved (and non-approved but still healthy for my kiddos and husband) here, here, here and here.

The protein shakes? Delish. Smooth and creamy and really chocolate-y or vanilla-y, even just by itself mixed with water and shaken in a shaker cup. Or add it to a blender with some frozen berries and a handful of spinach? Really good and really filling. My favorite was vanilla or chai protein (it’s a new flavor) with pure pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon added. SO good!

Arbonne gives you lots of great shake recipes, too, so I never got bored drinking two of the same things in a day.

When you sign up for the 30-day clean eating challenge, you’re given access to a Facebook group that provides support specifically for those starting this program. This is very good and very engaging. It gives you a ton of accountability, and this is where you’ll get recipes, reminders, encouragement and have an opportunity for Q&A.

Also, I had someone coach me through this and now I coach a lot of other people through their 30-days. All this looks like is me checking in (via text mostly) every few days and helping to troubleshoot when needed. It’s not too much, but I find that it’s just ‘enough’ to keep us all on the same page and motivated!

The Arbonne 30-day clean eating challenge is basically brainless weight loss and improved health and focus. You know without a doubt that two of your meals each day are shakes. So all you really have to think about and prep for is one healthy meal based on your restricted foods. It’s much easier than detoxes where you need to do tons of meal prep and come up with all three meals yourself, every day. I like the no-brainer-ness of it all! There were days when work or other factors required me to have only one or even ‘no’ shakes.  I just stuck strictly to my guidelines for food and it was fine. It was so second nature by this point that I didn’t have to think much. Again, I’m a fan of easy.

Protein shakes aside, I found the eating plan to be really good. It offers enough variety so you don’t get bored with the available choices and there are enough ingredients to make some interesting and flavorful dishes.

Let me take a moment to talk about Fizz Sticks… oh, my – HOW I LOVE Fizz Sticks! It’s a little jolt of green tea derived natural caffeine, B-12, other vitamins and good-for-ya stuff with a whole lot of flavor. They not only enhance energy and alertness but have been said to enhance your MOOD. Say what?! Addiction central, hello.

The 7-day cleanse which enters the picture during week three is pretty easy to handle, even if it isn’t the most delightful-tasting beverage you’ll ever have. It’s totally doable – just not a big deal. And it does get things moving in the ol’ bathroom department if your high vegetable consumption isn’t already doing that for you.

Eliminating so many foods for 30-days means that as you re-introduce them into your diet, you can discover any sensitivities (that’s the whole point of this program). Turns out, sugar and dairy do not love me, like at all… They cause stomach upset, breakouts, congestion (dairy) and bloating (mostly sugar). Sugar also gives me a terrible taste in my mouth. I still ‘go there’ from time to time because this woman, she be weak. But, I consciously avoid for the most part because, WHY would I want to feel bad? The answer is, I don’t.

At the end of the day, this approach worked for me. But – again – this was a lifestyle change. It wasn’t just about eating (although, like I said before, nutrition is at the top of the list above exercise for maintaining an ideal weight).

Like most Arbonne products, the cleanse kit is somewhat pricey. At regular price, it’s in the $400 range but when a person becomes a preferred client the cost drops to $260 + their $29 one-time signup fee. I already spend a lot on the anti-aging Re9 skincare line, but that lasts me four to six months and I have yet to find anything comparable that makes my skin look as good. I get what I pay for. So, I can see where a one month supply at that price point can seem scary.

But let me break the clean eating package down for a moment. As a preferred client, you are spending about $9 each day. That’s literally a Starbucks coffee and $2-$3 leftover – so a snack of some sort. You’re by default giving up the coffee (or whatever your thing is that you overspend on food-wise) and replacing it with this. It seems like a big chunk at one time, but if you spread it out, theoretically, it’s a savings. You’re pre-buying up to 60 meals, basically. I can justify that any day. I have talked to people who said that they saved money by the end of the month because of their minimal grocery shopping.

With the 30-day challenge, it’s really the full “package” with the Facebook page and personal coaching support that round out the positives of this challenge.

The how to:

Want more information or want to join the next challenge? Just reach out to me and I can answer questions that may not be answered in this post.


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    1. It’s not as hard as you might think. It’s just new and different. Luckily, you feel so full most of the time that cravings and feeling deprived aren’t a huge issue.

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