Top 10 NON-candy valentines – you can do today! Free printables too.

Okay momma’s it’s T-minus 2.5 days until Valentine’s Day and you’ve already received the notes from school telling you about the festivities that your kid’s class is going to have  and all the classmates that you need to send a Valentine card to. Yes, you certainly COULD go buy the little package of Valentine’s cards and be done. No shame in that game, I’ve done it. BUT, when I can I like to pull something a little more creative together with the help of Pinterest inspiration.

But y’all, the candy – I can’t even! This is another one of those sugar overdose holidays much like Halloween and Easter. Why oh why? I refuse to add to the candy count and you can avoid it too!

While I was getting my chick’s Valentine’s supplies together (I kept it SO simple) I decided to round-up a top 10 list of non-candy valentine ideas for you too. You can do these TODAY! They all include a FREE printable for the label. All you need is a way to print a few sheets of thicker paper (card stock) and a dollar store and/or a grocery store, depending on which one you choose. For my girls I went with Valentines that include Cuties (preschooler) and mini key chain flashlights (for the second grader). I got the Cuties at grocery store, obvi, and the flashlights on Amazon with free two-day shipping, I ordered them Friday and they came to my door today. SO easy!  Have I mentioned I love easy? They were $0.60 apiece.  Winning at V-day!

Enjoy my top 10 list!

ONE: You’re a Cutie

Here is an adorable Cutie tag!

TWO: You Make the World a Brighter PlaceHere is where I got the free printable for the flashlight tags

THREE: Erase-sistableHow super simple and practical are the eraser cards?   Would be super cute with animal erasers like these.

FOUR: Whoopee
Okay, maybe this is a recipe for disaster – giving a classroom full of kids Whoopie Cushions… but I couldn’t help myself from including these in the top 10. I think they are so funny. 

FIVE: You Make My Heart Glow 
Talk about CHEAP! You can buy glow sticks by the dozens for a couple bucks, Check out the free printable for this one. 


SIX: I Hope You Have a BallAgain, another next to free idea and would be great for boys and girls of most ages.

SEVEN: Apples and OrangesYay for edible yet still non-candy treats. And so cute!


EIGHT: You’re My Main SqueezeAnother edible treat that my 4.5 year old still loves.


NINE: Lucky DuckSweet little ducks like this can be found a pretty much any dollar store.

TEN: Ex-Straw SpecialAnd last, I mean, how simple, inexpensive and cute is this idea? These straw are easily found at most stores.

Now, hop-up and get you kid’s Valentine’s together asap! You can do this! I hope you have a happy love day.





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